CLI on FreeNAS or FreeBSD

Where can one find documentation for Duplicati’s CLI on FreeNAS or FreeBSD systems?

Using Duplicati from the Command Line is generic docs, however Linux has /usr/bin/duplicati-cli shell script starting mono with Duplicati.Commandline.exe because some Linux systems require that.



exec -a "$APP_NAME" mono "$EXE_FILE" "$@"

Duplicati team here doesn’t do the FreeNAS or FreeBSD port, but quite possibly it has the same scheme.

Thanks. I’m unfamiliar with “mono” in this context. Where can I learn about it?

Filenames ending with .exe are very unusual on *nix systems because .exe files are usually Microsoft Windows or Microsoft DOS executables whose binaries are not compatible with *nix system.

I’ll try to track down whoever ported the FreeNAS plugin.

Mono allows .NET Framework applications to run on Linux or MacOS.

It is odd to see .exe or .dll files on Linux if you’re new to mono, but it is by design. In fact the .exe and .dll files are the exact same binaries that run on the Windows platform.

Doesn’t a plugin run in a jail, so with jail shell access you can just look/try what I mentioned?

16.3. Managing Jails describes a jail SHELL button.
16.3.2. Accessing a Jail Using SSH is another way.

I think there are people on the forum who have similar setups, so possibly one will stop by…

Yeah, it does. I’ve tried “duplicati-cli” from the jail’s shell but got a “command not found” error message.

Now that I understand mono, I’ll investigate to see if it’s already in FreeNAS or available.

Thanks for your help.

Duplicati doesn’t work without mono. It’s not just for CLI. What happens if you type mono?
If you find /usr/bin/mono (or wherever it is), you can run Duplicati, just like the script does.