Chrome: Empty status bar starting with

Starting with release, the Chrome browser doesn’t show any information in the status bar besides the name of the backup job and a green increasing background.

When viewing the running backup at the same time with MS Edge, the status bar shows everything expected (see screenshots). Additionally, with Edge a new kind of small status bar at the backup job is being shown. With Chrome, this is missing too.

OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit

Does anybody have the same issue?



This issue is related to Proposal for a modification to the "State" display bar (Green info bar at the top)

@lankanmon made a fix for it so it should be resolved next release :slight_smile:

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To anybody experiencing the same issue: clearing the Chrome browser cache did the trick - so @Pectojin: maybe it’s related to the other issue, but it works without the need of a fix. Just clear the cache.

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