Choosing a specific date fo a backup to restore

Hi Guys

I run a daily backup of a a fileshare on our network with Smart Backup Retention.

I have been testing the restore functionality in the event of a DR situation. I can restore the latest backup ok, but if for instance we had a ransomware attack I might need to go back a day or 2 to get a clean restore. Currently I cannot see how to select a specific backup date for the restore. When I run the restore for the specific backup it automatically restores the latest.

How do I select a specific backup point in time?

Thank you fro your help in advance :slight_smile:


Are you using the Web UI or command line? The Web UI has a “Restore from” dropdown which shows all backup versions with timestamps:

I’m using the Web UI, it has to reconstruct the database first because I’m restoring to a different network. I’m pretty certain that I didn’t get the dropdown. I’ll check again.

Many thanks