Check whether --alternate-destination-marker is working

Hi, I’m using Duplicati to back up some folders from my laptop to an external hard drive, and I’m using the alternate-destination-marker flag to avoid problems with the Windows drive letters. Backups are reporting all remote files to be missing, even though I can see them in the hard drive’s folders.

How can I know the paths the system is actually checking, so I can make sure alternate-destination-marker is working? Thanks!

As an example, one back up has the target “file://G:\BACKUP\PedroCabral”. I put the marker file in that folder of the harddrive and set alternate-target-paths to *:\BACKUP

I’m also using the alternate-destination-marker, but I only use the wildcard for the drive letter. Therefore in your case the correct parameter should be:

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Thanks, that seems to have done the trick! Looking at it now, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’ll try this solution for each backup and see how it goes.