Channel Pipeline

Of course, take whatever makes your life easier.

There is still so much testing and packaging work to do, much more if it is desired to make it more or less identical as before. The packaging changes may on their own justify “Duplicati 3” if you are semantic versioning.

The timestamp issues on macOS can be quite large. I came across a case where the difference is around 12 seconds

1) Failed : Duplicati.UnitTest.BorderTests.Run100k
  Restore, creation time mismatch for /Users/runner/duplicati_testdata/backup-data/a and /Users/runner/duplicati_testdata/restored/a
  Expected: 2021-02-08 18:27:06.3860412 +/- 00:00:00.5000000
  But was:  2021-02-08 18:27:18.3035
  at Duplicati.UnitTest.TestUtils.AssertFilesAreEqual (System.String expectedFile, System.String actualFile, System.Boolean verifymetadata, System.String contextMessage) [0x0016f] in /Users/runner/work/duplicati/duplicati/Duplicati/UnitTest/TestUtils.cs:256 

There has got to be a bug in Duplicati causing those time variances.

In other news, I don’t know how the RPM is made for duplicati because it doesn’t seem to be made from the spec file I’ve been updating because I don’t know how it ever worked.