Changed source folder, why is duplicati doing a full backup?


I just switched to using duplicati directory instead of using a docker container but I am having some unexpected issues

I pointed duplicati to the data folder I had used with the docker container and upon first loading the gui I noticed all my backups were there as expected.

For the docker container I had set up a volume for my source folders (ie. data/Source) but since I not using the container any longer I pointed duplicati directory to the source folders (ie. /media//Source). I was thinking since I was using duplicati 2 that since the source files have not changed a full backup would not be in order.

Once I changed the sources and ran the backup that is indeed what has happened and a full re-backup is currently taking place.

Is there something I can do so that a full backup is not necessary?

I am using Duplicati -

How do you see a “full” backup is taking place?

The first scan after changing the source folders will be slower as it needs to re-scan all the files, but it will not upload the data again.

It was indeed creating a full backup as Google Drive had new files appearing in it. I was able to actually create a symlink so that the data paths appears the same as it did for the docker container and that has fixed my backups

That sounds strange, it should not upload new files if the data is the same. Only when new data arrives should it upload new data.