Change to 2.0 or keep 1.3.4

Hey there,

I’m using 1.3.4 for years and it seems quite good for me. Since the latest three month I try to change to 2.0, but I can’t help, it keeps a little bit creepy for me:

  • no full german translation
  • creepy logs (too much information, hard to find relevant things)
  • unclear options about keeping versions

I’m still not sure, when to change. 1.3.4 seems still working, 2.0 stays in beta and stays, and stays, and stays…

Please help me: Why shall I change? When shall I change? I’m already 46, I’m running out of life to experiement the next years. I wish I could install, run and forget.
Thanks a lot!

If 1.3.4 does what you need then I see no real reason for you to upgrade at this time. (I still use Office 2000 because it does what I need and newer versions don’t offer anything a care about.). :slight_smile:

  • no full german translation

on transifex german has 100% translate. Did you found any not translated string in the newest Version?

There are many options that have still english explanations. Hard enough to understand these technical stuff in my foreign language.
Maybe I´m wrong, but for me the old version guides me better, which option to use in which way.