Change the order of listed backup jobs

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Thank you! The education was very helpful. The code is now in index.html, and works as promised.

I had a problem where I was getting the old page back after a reload, but that was because I kept a copy of the original index.html (“index copy.html”) in the NGAX directory. Once I moved it out, the problem went away.

Thanks again… Steve

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Update: I thought this was my mistake, but I’m still getting the original order on the home GUI page when I refresh the page, or go to another subpage, and come back to home. Also, if I open a new (duplicate) instance of Duplicati in Chrome, I still get the old/original order. Am I missing something I need to do to retain the updated backup set order on the home page?

Note: sometimes it flashes the original order, then refreshes to the new order. Is this Chrome just putting up a cached copy?

Thank you… Steve

Oh, I wouldn’t know. In the short moment I tested it, I then updated to canary and lost it lol.

Its possible that its from how you installed Duplicati or some Duplicati or code issue on Mac. I didn’t see anything like that on Windows.

If someone else used it longer they might provide you with more insight. I really don’t need it so have no desire to look into it any further.

It seems like the answer is yes, although you can read the page to see if failures I found match yours.

You would have to try further to contact the person who wrote the code but hasn’t replied to questions.
The original web page is still up though, and if forum contact doesn’t work, maybe site has other ways.
If it were gone now, I would say leave them alone, but page looks updated, and even takes comments.
Did you look at its BUG AND/OR LIMIT KNOWN?

The order is saved in the browser local cache, not in the Duplicati database (this would require Duplicati code change). So if you have an incognito Chrome session no information will be fetched from the other browser cache. Ditto if you access from another user session, or another browser.


Thank you for the suggestion, but this is a normal Chrome session. I’ve tried refreshing the page, and opening another tab in the same Chrome instance, with the same (undesirable) results.

Your reply suggests that the order will not be saved if I close the Chrome Duplicati tab, or quit Chrome, or reboot my computer. Do I understand this correctly?

By the way… does this feature use “cookies” to save the order? If so, I’ll have to look at whether the cookies are being retained.

Thanks again… Steve

Local storage is an extension of cookies, just with a lot more data. Like cookies, some browsers allow for data to be systematically cleaned when the browser session ends, with the same results - you have to choose between privacy and convenience. It may be that when opening a new session while the first is not finished, the data is not yet saved to local storage. It’s supposed to be, but caching by browser is not under the control of user code.
About the refreshing, it seems there is a bug with notification (from the author’s page).