Change the location of the sqlite DB storage globally

I had the idea to move all local sqlite databases to the RAM disk
and I’m gonna have to specify a global setting for that.

Is there a solution?

Now all bases are being created along this path
And I want to be created here
RamDisk r:\

Won’t you lose the databases when PC stops, or do you have an elaborate plan to handle that? Although it’s usually possible to recreate a job’s database from its backup files, it’s not a fun thing to do all the time.

But to the question, see if --server-datafolder does what you want. You can also set environment variable DUPLICATI_HOME somewhere where Duplicati will have it when it starts. The documentation is at below:


how many times can my way of increasing the speed of working with local databases?
Maybe my idea is not so productive.

I have an hdd write speed of 50-60Mb/s
ramdisk - 8000 Mb/s
I thought that if I moved all the databases to ramdisk, it would be faster to collect parts and scan files from other drives.

Ramdisk is fast because it is not a disk at all, it is just fas-access memory. All the data in memory, including the ramdisk, is lost every time you reboot your computer. Totally, irretrievably lost.

Duplicati2 is able to recreate the job-specific databases, but it cannot recreate for you the database that holds the database settings. It is not a big task to redefine the jobs, but any log information that was attached to them is also lost with the database.

For any files you want to keep on disk, you need a HDD or SSD. Ramdisk is for temporary storage only.

I only have HDD now, I can’t buy SSD.
I noticed when Duplicati creates backups, my laptop hangs up, so I guess it’s because there’s a lot of data being recorded and my HDD speed isn’t enough.
Thought I’d move the local databases to RAMDisk

HDD-access speed during backup suggests setting changes if you want less speed loss from backup. The tradeoff will probably be backups will take longer to finish. You can decide which you’d rather get.

A rather recent option is –usn-policy which will save Duplicati from having to scan backed up files for timestamp changes. You could also try –tempdir to put temporary files on a RAM disk, and if you lose them due to a Windows crash, it’s probably no big deal. You can find RAM disk programs that save to persistent storage at proper Windows shutdown, but I think you lose if the PC stops in another way…

Backing up at least Duplicati-server.sqlite (which has the backup settings) is a good idea for safety, or you can export individual jobs. One advantage of that is you can better encrypt the secrets of the jobs. Having such backups will make it less of a disaster if you lose the laptop or its drive, and might make using a RAM disk with a save-on-proper-shutdown tolerable in terms of pain from improper shutdown.