Can't restore archive data

I created a new archive using aes256 and located in the google team cloud.
In the cloud, I see two files with the extension .aes
Now I can’t restore the files, the message “there are no items to restore” appears. When moving .aes files to a local disk, the program does not see their contents. The encryption password is entered correctly. Why does the program not see archived data?

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Only two? Even for a tiny backup (how large is this?) you should have three – dlist, dindex, dblock. Duplicati does not put out backup files one-for-one with the source files. Depending on size, many source files could be in one dblock, or one source file might need many default 50 MB size dblock.

Is that the exact message, or a translation or approximation? The closest that I can find is this one:


which means that during Restoring files from a backup you didn’t check any box to ask for a restore. What happens, step by step, following directions above? You should see your backup, then the files within the backup in a tree view. Select what you want restored, press Continue, fill out that screen.