Can't log into brand new Duplicati - Bug report

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I think I found a bug that others might get stuck on and that would be great if it were fixed. This happened to me while I was running duplicati in a docker container, so it might be exclusive to docker.

I’ve found that if you enter in the URL to the login page, or save it as a bookmark for your Duplicati install, and use that URL/Bookmark while there is no password set, it act’s as though it has a password, just one that you don’t know. So unless you know to remove the login page path from the URL, you will be stuck, unable to login to your duplicati. I even tried leaving the password field blank and that didn’t work.

This caused me quite a bit of frustration a few weeks back so I hope we can either fix this or someone else will be spared my trouble by this post.

See above for solution.