Can't find restored files / failed to restore

Hello, I’m new to Duplicati however not new to backup and restore procedures with other software. I’ve been running a backup for a couple months now and am testing a restore procedure however I am getting unexpected results. In short, according to the general log the restore seems to complete with a bunch of errors, and (some) files seem to be restored to the location I chose however there are no files in the directory I chose.

Please see here for log: DuplicatiLog.txt - Google Drive

Log is full of this:

 10:05:44 -04 - 
 Failed to restore file: \"/mnt/nvmecache/restore/logs/sabnzbd.log.5\". 
Error message was: Could not find file 

Thanks for any tips or pointers

Hello and welcome!

It looks like the requested file to restore is not actually part of the backup. Did you initiate this job using the web UI? If so I’m not sure how that would happen. But if you are using Duplicati command line tools it may explain the problem.

Please explain.

What OS is backup from? Is restore to same or different system? If to a different system, what OS is it?

A different system used for disaster recovery would also need Direct restore from backup files or similar.

What’s the difference between these choices? One gets some files (any pattern to it?), other gets none.

For this particular restore, was /mnt/nvmecache/restore the Folder path given to Pick location?

Anything special about that spot? Should I worry that it’s calling itself a cache? Cache implies temporary.

Are there any restore cases you have noticed that work completely? If so, how is current case different?

You might be able to get some clues on the failing restore case by watching activity at verbose log level.
Picking a small file to restore will be less output, which will matter somewhat more if you use the live log.

About → Show log → Live → Verbose

To log to file, use Advanced options or the less friendly type-it-yourself option box if in Direct restore

log-file=<path> and log-file-log-level=verbose