Can't backuping Network drive

We have a NAS, there are files on it, only through the network.
How can I make a backup from a network drive? If I connect a network drive, it does not see it. Right too. Can I somehow use a network drive as a source?

ver. Duplicati -

error: Unauthorized to access source folder \\Accounting, aborting backup


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Are you running Duplicati as a Windows service? That doesn’t see the drives the users do, and fixing that is problematic according to Microsoft. UNC source with credentials? suggest Active Directory can help, but do you have it available, or are you just having people type in credentials, maybe with Credential Manager help?

Services and Redirected Drives is Microsoft information. If you’re not a service, then your life probably gets easier, however you still need to find some way to get the share set up, perhaps using a –run-script-before.

I use Duplicati as a service
Is it possible to make a connection to the network using Duplicati himself?
That would not make a crutch

Revisiting - System.IO.IOException: The specified server cannot perform the requested operation went through a rough phase where I cited the link I gave to you, plus lots more on the history of this challenge. Finally the tradeoffs were analyzed, and the following was chosen. Maybe the same plan works for you?

I’m not sure what other steps are needed. It might need some help, but at least it could access the share.


Service install - Backup to a network share (ie. FreeNAS) may also be of interest, and explains how using ordinary user account for the service can get into a password change issue for the service if the user ever changes passwords. If this is a problem for you, information is available on the Internet on how to handle it.