Cannot see MSSQL in source data screen


I cant see any option to select SQL database. I have MSSQL installed on the PC.


Any help will be appreciated.


What user is Duplicati process running as? Does it have sysadmin rights on the SQL instance?

Thanks for the quick response.

I am executing it through Visual Studio in debug mode.

The logged in user has the sysadmin rights.

Only thing that’s been done in Duplicati is that I have created my own backend (protocol http to provide least options for user config, as most of configuration is retrieved from a separate service from Lambda on AWS) for our internal use and that works perfectly. I don’t think that Backend should have any implications on showing SQL Server while selecting source for backups.

Agreed, the backend should be irrelevant.

When you first start your debug session of Duplicati, go to the web UI and click Add backup, then click Next. At this point click About -> Show Log -> Live -> and set the dropdown to Verbose. Do you see this warning about SQL?

(My system shows this because it fails to detect SQL, as it isn’t installed.)

This is what I have been able to track it down to

I had to copy the alphavss folder manually with these files in there.

That’s the message I get in the UI

Any further suggestions.

Can you test a regular, unmodified installation of Duplicati to see if it detects MS SQL? I am wondering if the problem has something to do with you being in debug mode / running through Visual Studio.

Tested in different environments, Doesn’t seem to work on Windows 10 with SQL Server 2019. Works on older SQL servers without issues.

I’m guessing the SQL integration may need to be updated in Duplicati to support the newer version of SQL. Can you open an issue on the Github project page?