Can the alerts password field be hashed out?

Hi all,

The web gui password is hashed out, but the send-email-password for alerts is in plain text. Can this be changed please?



What would be the point if you set up a GUI password? If someone knows your GUI password they can extract all job configuration including the encryption type and password!

Then what would also be the point of hashing out the gui password?

So that users of the computer cannot access the job configuration? The web GUI password only makes sense if there is more than 1 user of the device?

But you can only see any options if you enter the webgui password, and once authenticated it is still hashed out in the options. I didn’t really want to create a slanging match so please disregard my request.

Just as an FYI, you’re not alone in your request - it just hasn’t been high on the priority list.