Can I continue working on my NAS while the backup is running?


what happens when i save files during a backup is running on the NAS?

There should be a few symptoms. 99% of the time I don’t like to use drives already being heavily used as a possible symptom is a problem occurring. Today’s hardware and software is better at it but then you still have the following.

The thing about using a drive twice is that if it has nothing to spare then waiting must take place until it finally gets around to it and then it takes away from the other. If it has room to spare then it waits less to whatever extent possible.

One other problem that I’ve seen now and then is if you do something and that something crashes or freezes the OS or whatever. Always a possibility. You only can hope that the backup continues fine after that.

Overall, it can and should be fine but you should limit your use of that drive if its heavily being used by the backup process. Just let the backup do its thing. I never play a game when a backup is running for example. Even if the game fits all in memory it will still use the CPU which both also need. But, I will do internet stuff, etc. Lesser things. Once again though, I generally will not even browse a local drive that the backup process is backing stuff up to (especially if its not internal as its more likely to be maxed out).

You also shouldn’t pause the backup just so you can use it. Then if your system crashes or a virus or even you wipe out something and you lose something then that backup system you have is not as good as it should be. More backups not less.

It is what each person makes of it. Use it at the level you consider risk.

The below isn’t NAS-specific, but are just general comments on some ways backups might go wrong…

There’s some risk of getting an incomplete view of the file if you happen to save just when backup runs.
Chances of being so unlucky are probably low, and if unlucky, some other version might have done OK.

Some applications might even hold data in memory while open (not even a save issue), and not in files. Backing up open databases can be unsafe. Some Microsoft Office programs can also be troublesome.

Unfortunately, it’s application-dependent. If you have ones you especially care about, you can do testing.