Can I close the lid on my laptop and go to bed while Duplicati is running?

Awesome that there is a tool like this - really appreciate having it!

I’m bran new to Duplicati and have very little experience with this type of software or operation (backing stuff up). And I have a limited understanding of what happens when I close the lid on my laptop (though I think, normally, it hibernates or goes to sleep or something).

I want to have a backup begin in the wee hours of the morning when I’m sleeping and have it start and run to completion on its own no matter if the laptop lid is closed or not (powered on though). Also, I want to be able to close the lid during an active backup and not have it get interrupted. I have a couple corresponding questions though…

  1. I don’t know if I need to do something in the setting/configuration to make that happen (or if it’s even possible).

  2. If it is possible to do these things, and I manage to get it set up - I want to check that it’s working as intended. However, while I know my way around a linux system a little, I’m not a 10 in terms of technical jargon or sys admin type stuff (just the basics and layman vocabulary).

I did try to search for existing articles but nothing seemed to be the right fit (either it was the wrong operating system or not really the same issue or too far above my head to understand).

My system is Ubuntu 18.04 and I’m backing up to Google Cloud Storage (bucket).


I would imaging as long as the power saving features aren’t being enabled (like hibernation or sleeping) that it should be fine. Check the power savings features when the lid is shut in the settings.

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