Can Duplicati read/import existing Arq backups?

I did my Arq evaluation and now I want to try Duplicati. I’m going out on a limb here but, any chance Duplicati could use the existing backups already on my GSuite account that were made by Arq? Or do I really have to start backing up again from zero? I’m assuming the latter but, never hurts to check!

It was worth asking… I think Duplicati has no importers for backup data, even for Duplicati 1 backups.
The backup design is completely different in Duplicati 2, and I assume Arq is really different as well…
Interestingly, Arq 6 (released April 7) introduced a new data format, and there’s a conversion needed.

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OK that’s what I was figuring anyway. Didn’t know about the recent Arq changes, wow that’s weird.