Building duplicati

I tried to build duplicati, but am receiving an error.


  • fresh ubuntu 16.04, fully updated (in virtual box)
  • installed git + monodevelop + nuget
  • updated nuget (sudo nuget update -self)

Running build in monodevelop gives the following build error:

/home/wjan/git/duplicati/Duplicati/GUI/Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon/Program.cs(97,97): Error CS0117: `System.Net.SecurityProtocolType' does not contain a definition for `Tls11' (CS0117) (Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon)

Any ideas how to fix? I am not a programmer, just want to try out something.

Thanks in advance!

ok, seems like an old version of mono is being used…

following the guidelines here: Download | Mono

let’s see if that fixes my build issue

that and placing the webroot folder in the same folder as the exe

Well done fixing this yourself! Mind if I ask what you’re wanting to try out? :slight_smile:

Asking doesn’t cost anything… First of all getting to know the background a bit. Maybe adding a little feature. If it works out I’ll share it. But as told already: I’m not a developer, but good at copy pasting :).

Well feel free to ask if you have any questions. I hear it doesn’t cost anything… :wink:

How do I go in changing the UI? My C# code is looking OK, but have no idea how to add the backend in the GUI.

The backends are automatically loaded. If you backend implements IBackend and it placed in the folder where Duplicati runs from it should display automatically.

If you want to make a custom UI for it, you need to do it like the others (example for B2, first is the actual UI, the others are the plugin methods that handle the functionality):

duplicati/b2.html at master · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

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Tnx, seems I was looking at the correct files! I didn’t see all changes as expected, but was apparently a browser caching issue. UI seems to work now.

Exception handling is the next thing. Almost there.

voila, made my first pull request:

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Congratulations - and may it be the first of many! :+1: