Branding personalize backend S3 custom


I want create a backend personalize to S3 custom URL and insert name backend, name folder, userkey and secretkey for a new installation.

I was read the documentation Branding and OEM customization · duplicati/duplicati Wiki · GitHub, but not explained bucked S3 for a custom URL.

King regards.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

It depends on how you wabt to do it. One approach would be to fill out the default config file such that each new backup is pre-filled with the options you like.

If you want to customize it further, you can make a custom UI page, based on the current S3 page. For this approach you need to hook into the setup.

To make it even more custom, you can create a new backend module that is based on the S3 module. With this approach you can fully hide the option to use anything else than your chosen server(s). You can provide a custom UI for it with the same approach as mentioned above. You can also remove the other backends if you only want to support your custom one.

One could just add EditUriBackendConfig.templates['sia'] = 'templates/backends/sia.html'; in the oem script file or does it require to edit the core file ?