Binding Duplicati to IP address?

Okay, so my server that I have duplicati installed on runs a VPN 24/7. I’ve used to configure several applications to use the non-VPN IP in order to increase speeds. Is there a way to do that for duplicati?

I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, using the standard init script to run duplicati as a service.

You can use --server-listen-interface= to choose a specific IP to bind to (replace with the IP of the public interface).

Beware though, that the webserver is not security vetted, so I recommend not exposing it to the internet.


Thanks. I think that worked (not sure how to test), but sadly it didn’t solve my speed problem backing up to Amazon drive.

I have seen others complain about the AmzCD upload speed, so I am not sure there is a fix.

Yeah, it appears that it is unusably slow. For $60 CAD per year, I have no reason to complain, but it looks like I will cancel after the trial period.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me using --server-listen-interface. If I specify --server-listen-interface to my local LAN IP (192.168.x.x), the traffic is still routed through the VPN (tun0). You can check that using ìftop`. Do you have another idea ?

Advanced option --server-listen-interface does exactly what the name indicates: you specify which interface the Duplicati webserver listens on by specifying its IP address.
How IP traffic is routed, is not configured in Duplicati, but in your router (static routes) or VPN settings (route all traffic through VPN).
The route tables could shine a light on how IP traffic is routed.

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