Best way to switch from beta to canary

I currently have the latest beta version installed on Linux Mint 18 (from the .deb). A bug was recently fixed that I’m interested in and a canary release was created that contains the fix.
What’s the best way for me “switch” from the beta to the latest canary release, without losing the database/settings?

  • uninstall and then reinstall the canary .deb?
  • install the canary .deb over top of the beta install?
  • change the update channel in settings of Duplicati UI from default to canary?
  • something else?


The upgrade shouldn’t touch your configuration at all. So the easiest is switching update channel and trying to upgrade from there. Occasionally Duplicati won’t upgrade itself, then just pull the .deb file from the release page and install it on top of the existing installation.

You can make a copy of your databases if you like, but they really shouldn’t be affected. They’re in ~/.config/Duplicati, unless it runs as root in which case they’re in /root/.config/Duplicati

You should be aware that there are some standing issues in the newest Canaries, which may impact your backup job even if it doesn’t change your configuration.
For example problems with the default filters could have an impact on your backup when the filter suddenly starts working:

So be sure to test that your backup works as intended after upgrading :slight_smile:


The process @Pectojin suggested should work fine, but I wanted to add that if you decide you don’t like the canary version you should be able to “downgrade” to the beta version without any side effects UNLESS you’ve updated your job to include new parameters that the older version doesn’t know.

If that happens, you’ll just get some warnings in your logs about “unrecognized parameter” - but the jobs will most likely still run.


I’m unable to switch back.

I switched the update channel and hit save. Nothing happens.
I installed the old beta over top of the existing installation. In the Duplicati UI, it still shows the canary version.
I uninstalled the canary version and installed the old beta. In the Duplicati UI, it still shows the canary version.


It’s likely to be a caching issue. If you install the old version and clear you browser cache it should load correctly.

We have a problem with caching currently where everything is cached too heavily so it may not update when versions change. There were improvements to this issue in but there is still a little work to be done before it goes away.

Duplicati stores all updates in a sub-folder ‘updates’ which also contains a file that defines which the latest version is. As long as you have this sub-folder Duplicati willalwaysstart with the latest version defined there.

The reason why going back does not work is, that Duplicati can only update but never downgrade.

I installed the old version and cleared the cache on Chrome and I turned on dev tools and checked the box that disables cache. It still shows “You are currently running Duplicati -” in the Duplicati “About”. When I go to Duplicati “Settings” -> “Update channel”, “Default (Canary)
Same as the base install version:” is selected.
So, I’m thoroughly confused…About says I have canary but the channel says I have default (canary) channel but the beta version.

I verified that caching isn’t the issue because I used Firefox as well, which has never been used to access Duplicati and I get the same results.


so, @JonMikelV statement about being able to downgrade to beta is incorrect? I’m stuck on the Canary channel?

Where do I find this sub-folder ‘updates’?

I’m on Linux Mint 18. I checked /root/.config/Duplicati and couldn’t find it. It’s also not in the list of the Duplicati .deb package files

sudo dpkg -L duplicati | grep -i upd

I’ve downgraded before (in Windows) but it’s been so long I don’t recall how I did it. I know the update process changed a bit AFTER I did my downgrade so it’s possible my comment doesn’t apply to the newer process (on which case I very much apologize).

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