Behavior of visual backup on Windows


How do I have to set Duplicati to store my data in this way?

I’ve a folder on my PC (FolderA), which should be backed up on an external HDD (FolderB).
What I mean by backup is:

  • Copy the Files in FolderA to FolderB in this case:
    – If a file on FolderA is deleted, don’t delete it on FolderB
    – If a file on FolderB is deleted, don’t delete it on FolderA
  • Show the stored files on FolderB (like in Windows Explorer?)

In the standard configuration as I set up, the files in FolderB are getting deleted if I delete them in FolderA. How can I avoid this behavior?
Is the solution to set --allow-missing-source = true?

In the created destination Folder (FolderB, which is not encrypted) are only zip files and not the stored files, which I would like to see like in explorer. How can I see the backed up files there?

--no-local-blocks = true
--patch-with-local-blocks = true
--use-block-cache = false
--dont-compress-restore-paths = true

This configuration doesn’t work.
Is anybody there who can help me?

This seems like a followup, after experiment, of Windows backup files understandable for a non-technician and I’ve put the main reply there. The only reply I have to this is that the options tried aren’t going to convert Duplicati into a copy program. If you really want, I can try go beyond the manual into technical explanations.