Backups seem very... slow

Hey guys, should the first backup (Win 10 PC hardwired via LAN to Linux box) be super slow? Currently transferring at around 2.5MB per sec - which means my 600GB is going to take in the order of three days to back up!!


OK, a PC restart and I’m cranking along at around 20MB/s now… Weird.

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The initial backup can be slow since it’s processing every bit of data you have, but subsequent backups are usually much faster since only the deltas are processed.

The encryption, hashing, and compression steps of Duplicati can get a bit hungry for resources - especially when working with a lot of data (such as intital backsup). My guess is your machine may have had some other processes going before the reboot which were using up resources (memory, disk IO, bandwidth).

I hope you don’t mind but I went ahead and flagged your 2nd post as the “solution” so other users don’t come digging around thinking you still need help.

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