Backups not starting and starting paused

We are using Duplicati 1.3.4 and Duplicati2 at a number of places and they are working just fine. We recently starting moving away from Duplicati2 which has been giving us trouble at a few sites and going with Duplicati 1.3.4 at those sites. Both version are able to run the backup when it is setup just fine, but after that they don’t launch on startup despite being set to run as admin and launch on startup. When I do manually open them they always launch as paused and I have to unpause them to start the backup. This is happening at both Windows7 and Windows10 sites (about 25 sites combined). These sites all had Duplicati2 to start with when this issue came up and I have since changed them all to Duplicati 1.3.4 as that is a better fit for us and I was hoping it would fix the issue, but it has not. Most sites are rebooting each night a few hours before the backups are set to happen, but a few are not rebooting and it is still happening at those sites too. Any help would be welcomed.


Hi @WayneCACPOS,

I would strongly recommend against using 1.3.4.

There are very few people left with experience using it and many new who arrived after the 2.0 release has never even used it.

No updates have been released to it for almost 4 years, so even if it works better in your use case you may end up with issues that will never be fixed.

I know 2.0 has some kinks but be sure to let us know about them and I’m certain they’ll be resolved so you can use the new and improved Duplicati for your use case :slight_smile:

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This issue exists with both Duplicati2 and Duplicati 1.3.4. I can use Diplicati2 at some of the sites, but not all of them unless there is a way to run Duplicati without having to use a web browser to do so as a few of these sites don’t have web browsers at all on them as they have been disabled such that they no longer run. Some clients had us remove them to reduce improper computer usage and viruses.

Hmm, it’s possible to run Duplicati operations using the command-line tool, but then you have to work that into some external scheduler tool. But outside that it’s a bit limited since most functionality relies on the browser to operate.

Ok thanks. Any ideas why Duplicati2 is not launching on Windows start up or if it does it starts up paused and does not do the backup till unpaused?

Is it possible the Pause after startup or hibernationi option is enabled on the settings page?

I have been playing with the pause after startup changing it from 5 minutes to 1 second to _ _ and so far it just never starts up. I have updated to the newest version of Duplicati2 and it is in start up, yet it will no start until I manually start it up at which point it works just fine. It will not launch again however after the next reboot (which happens every morning) till I manually run it again. Anything else I can check or should do?


So neither version of Duplicati is auto-starting anymore, but previously v1.3.4 was auto-starting just fine?

No. For some reason on these machines neither version of Duplicati will auto launch on startup despite being in startup and working just fine on other machines with the exact same setup which is why I am so confused about how to fix this.

Sorry if I already asked this, but you are running these as a service, right?

In Services, do you see one Duplicati thing listed or two?

They all run as trayicons not services and when I check the services for Duplicati there is nothing there under that name, so zero.

Whoops, sorry I assumed you were running them as a service. So let me start over.

When running as a tray icon Duplicati won’t start until the user it’s set up under is logged in. So which of these issues are you running into?

  • when you log in Duplicati doesn’t start
  • when you log in Duplicati starts paused
  • something else

When you log in Dupicati doesn’t start

If I run it as a service do I no longer need a web browser? If no then I would like to learn how to do that as we only use the web browser for Duplicati at most places.

Would running it as a service fix this issue?

Have you considered running Duplicati as a service and using a portable browser to configure it?

If that would work I would be happy to do it that way. How do I do that?

EDIT: Found the post of how to do this and I will test this in the morning if I have time. Lets hope for the best I will let you know if this works.