Backup warnings

Hi, I’ve 21 warnings like this in my backup

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.FilelistProcessor-MissingRemoteHash]: remote file is listed as Uploaded with size 298844160 but should be 314499933, please verify the sha256 hash “hKPbefGrtlsf9fgKxMEgYr8OmCl3nU3ZMltPEaE+MHI=”

Can you please help me understanding what’s wrong and how to solve that?

I use duplicati on windows 10.

Is this from a backup with a FTP destination?

No it’s on a shared folder of my NAS.

So you’re using the “Local folder or drive” as the destination?

I’ll run some tests against a NAS and see if I can replicate the errors you see.

Yes I’ using “Local folder or drive”

Please verify the sha256 hash error has some troubleshooting ideas, including looking for too-even size.

298844160 is 11D00000 in hexadecimal, so suggests perhaps a filesystem or transport chopped blocks. Doing the same test, e.g. using Windows 10 Calculator in Programmer mode, can find if pattern holds…

Meaning look at sizes from the other 20 warnings to see if size is always truncated down to binary-even.
Post there also has discussion of changing protocols. Cachine might matter. Check size ON the remote which might be different from size seen from Windows. Search web for issues with your NAS model etc.