Backup use RDX storage Tape

Hello, can you help me, I have a backup system with the use of RDX storage tapes, I need to change them weekly, is there a way to program this within the duplicati?

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Program what exactly? Are you using RDX media rotation for onsite and emergency offsite backups? Under this scenario, physical rotation is good. Duplicati can also rotate pluggable media, if necessary. Typically, though, I think people don’t rotate physical media, but just do remote backups to elsewhere.

How would that work? Duplicati expects to see all files on the back end with each backup. Or are you talking about having a backup set for each removable media you use, and you run the backup set that corresponds to a particular medium?

Yes. Somewhat awkward compared to a network backup. We still don’t know what request is though.


Or if you don’t want to have multiple backup jobs configured, you could put the DB on the destination.
That may lower performance, but it would make sure the DB and destination are always in alignment.
Experiment was here. This and other topics also get into how one might set up the job-per-drive plan.

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This local backup is a third layer of security in case cloud backups become unavailable, RDX allows you to make backups on disk media! my problem is that when i change the disk the task that is running is unable to create new files in the other inserted media and returns that the files from the last backup were not found.

How is Duplicati involved with this? It sounds like this is a different backup system. One example:

RDX® QuikStor™

Duplicati is different software. See description from manual’s Overview.