Backup to removable disk

I only need to backup to a removable disk.

  1. Should I use another (free) tool? I used cobian before.

  2. I did a full backup and it finished several hours ago. However, I can’t detach the disk because “some program uses it” even though I killed 2 duplicati tasks from the task manager. The task manager shows that the disk is quiet active.

  3. For backup to a removable disk - is the default 50 mb size ideal?

  1. I’m assuming your using windows. That can happen with lots of stuff, like I mount a true-crypt volume, edit some files in a text editor, and then I cannot unmount it safely without rebooting pc. Could be whatever program scanning it or maybe some windows process I don’t know about.

  2. I would go with 500mb, if you have several TB under backup, but its probably not that relevant what your blocksize is. But it is bloody slow (5 min) for me to list my 300.000 remote files in my 7 TB backup on local storage with 50mb dbblock-size. I don’t know if it even copies it or not, but probably it does the same tasks as if its remote, as that makes code+testing much easier. Here I’m thinking about coping dblock to tmp, unencrypt+unzip for compact/restore.

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Hello and welcome!

Depends on what you need. Duplicati gives you compression, encryption, and deduplication. It can store multiple backup versions efficiently.

But some people want/need something else, and a different tool may be more appropriate. If you want your backup copy in native format, Duplicati is not the right tool.

It’s not recommended to kill Duplicati processes. If it isn’t doing anything active, it probably is not a big deal, but I would recommend exiting the program properly. If you are using the normal installation type with the Tray Icon, you can right click on the Duplicati tray icon and click Quit.

But as arberg mentioned, many things on Windows might be accessing that disk. If you use Resource Monitor in Windows you might be able to nail down which process is talking to your disk.

You could increase it if you wish to reduce the number of files on your disk. Otherwise it probably doesn’t matter. A more important size is the deduplication block size. The default is 100KB, and depending on how much data you backed up, it may be too small.

How much data did you back up?

USB Drive in use…by what? has some ideas. My guess is Windows indexing (chosen answer there).