Backup to JottaCloud extremely slow

Performing a large (2.9TB) backup to JottaCloud and it looks like it is going to take 60-70 days. I have 20Mbit upload speeds, why so slow?


Most often the speed complaints people have with Duplicati are due to the overhead of hashing, encrypting, and compressing the files rather than actual network bandwidth availability.

Once the initial backup is completed runs tend to get quite a bit faster (depending on the amount of file changes you have in each run).

If you want to try and speed things up you can do things like lower the compression level (0 means no compression) or try a different hashing algorithm as discussed here:

Also, you didn’t mention what Duplicati version you’re running but the later Canary versions include improved hashing as mentioned here:

This post has a slightly more detailed list of what Duplicati is doing during the backups:

Jottacloud is just slow. Probably less about your link and more on their setup.


I suggest you do a bandwidth test to see how fast you send (for example) a 1GB file to their service without Duplicati involved. My initial backup to B2 (around 1TB) only took a few days at most, and that was with it not even running 100% of the time, and I only have a 25Mbit connection. So I don’t think Duplicati is necessarily your bottleneck.