Backup to an usb drive - relative path

Hello everyone, I’m new on Windows OS, I better know *nix SO.
BTW, I’m using Duplicati on a windows machine and backing up to an usb drive.
Is there a way to referring on volume name, instead the letter (that could be change), as destination?

Duplicati expects Windows paths, but you can apparently (I haven’t tried) set up paths instead of letters.
I’m not sure whether mounting a USB drive that’s only present some of the time could be done that way.

How to mount hard drive as folder on Windows 10 might work, but Duplicati can handle changing letters.
Windows Drive Letters is the article, and if it’s not sufficient, other forum posts have gotten into its setup.

Thanks, I’m going to read both links. For now I’ve just assign an high letter to the drive (Z) and referring to this.

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Drive letter, especially a high one like you did will work fine. Can’t imagine most people would need to do anything else. Its simple, quick, easy, and it should last.

Thanks I agree btw, now I learned another thing about Duplicati, applying "–alternate-destination * " parameters.

Just applied and tested. It works fine :slight_smile:

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