Backup stalled - how to debug?

I started using Duplicati 2 beta for the very first time to backup a Ubuntu Linux system. The backup is stored on a NAS system via FTP. After about 2/3 the backup process stopped progressing. Duplicati’s web GUI doesn’t provide any error message or any useful protocol. How to debug this issue? Thanks.

Hello @jans23 and welcome to the forum!

Server logs at About --> Show log --> Live --> Profiling is about as detailed a view into action as logs can do. Please also check FTP server logs, if any exist. If you’re technical, I can get into network-level debug.

Are you using “FTP” or “FTP (Alternative)” on the dropdown selector for Storage Type on the destination?

Duplicati does not close FTP connection correctly to backup backend #3230 might hit “FTP (Alternative)”.