Backup quote size

I can limit the size of the backup in Duplicati Software ???

I can to define in Duplicati settings that a user only can to store maximum 50 or 100GB of data in your Bucket or Backup Folder ?

No, at least not at the moment. You can use the --quota-size parameter to set a quota for your back end if it doesn’t report it or --quota-warning-threshold if it does. Both options will only generate warnings at this stage, but will continue to allow the backups to run past the defined values.

What would you want to happen when you run out of space?

Very good. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, Kenneth. Again, thank you very much for your help.

( What would you want to happen when you run out of space? )

I think the software should analyze the size of all the files that are going to be copied and if it exceeds the quota assigned in Duplicati settings, it’s must inform that it is not possible to backup because it exceeds the limit assigned to the user.

The backup limit is Important for manage disk cloud resources better and also that the users do not waste space backing with unimportant files and take better advantage of the allocated disk space.

The problem with that is that Duplicati cannot know in advance how much space it needs. Some blocks are already present, so they take up zero space, others are highly compressible, so take up very little space, and some take up the space they fill on disk (+ some overhead).

So when the backup starts, there is no way of knowing how much space is required. We could count all the files (this also takes some time) and then abort if there is not enough space to store all the data uncompressed on the backend, but I don’t think this makes a lot of sense?

This sort of ties in with some older discussions including the one:

Hi Kenneth.

I think a very simple way to solve this problem is to verify the size of the files in the Bucket or Cloud Folder, if this size exceeds the quota limit assigned in Duplicati settings, not allow to do more Backup.

If there is some space available, Duplicati should only allow to backup the difference between Bucket ocuped size and quota limit in Duplicati settings.

Now, if this is the first time you save information in the remote Bucket or Folder, Duplicati only have to compare the size of the files to Backup with the limit set in to Duplicati settings.

All this, ignoring file compression. So as not to complicate things.

Sorry for my English, my native languaje is Spanish.

Thank again.