Backup on Tardigrade

Hi everybody,

I’m a StorJ storage node operator and I’m trying to configure my backups to tardigrade following the guide provided here

I’m stuck on the test connection, I got this error:

Failed to connect: The type initializer for ‘uplink.SWIG.storj_uplinkPINVOKE’ threw an exception.

This is my configuration

I’ve tried with the last 2 available releases (v2.0.6.0 and v2.0.5.114)

I just created a Tardigrade backup using on Linux and did not have any issues. I did use an access grant instead of an API key though.

What platform is this on? There are known issues where Tardigrade is not supported in Duplicati on ARM systems, for example.

Hi @warwickmm,

thank’s for your reply. I’ve tried even the access grant way but I got the same error.

You say that it’s not supported on ARM and probably this is the issue, it’s running on a raspberry pi 4.

I’ve subscribed to the github issue