Backup log warning count

First of all - just want to praise the team, use Duplicati to backup to cloud, works like a charm.

Background - I run Duplicati docker on linux with backup to cloud. Below issue/question is across all versions that I’ve been running (automatic update of container via watchtower).

Issue - I run a daily backup, and get a few warnings each time (which is fine), but the log data overview states that there are “thousands” of warnings, even though there is only about 20. From what I can see, it looks like the warnings counter for a backup job is added to the total number for the whole backup history, is that correct / intentional?

  • furthermore, the warnings counter from previous backup + warnings for last backup does not add up. In the log I see the warnings (20) and initiation tasks (20), but the diff between the total warnings is 46.

Request - Would it be possible to have an “individual job warning counter” on the overview to illustrate issues with specific backup, making it easier to debug?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Duplicati doesn’t keep or show a cumulative total of all warnings for the entire backup history.

I believe you may be looking at the “LimitedWarnings” area, which is capped to show only 20. The true number of warnings may very well be in the thousands, especially if it’s due to a rights issue (no read access to the files you wish to back up). Do you think that may be what’s going on?

thanks, changed duplicati container to run as root, and that seems to have cleared the warning issue.

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