Backup log file that looks like compare --full-results

I am looking for my log file to basically look like the results of the compare --full-results command. Is there any way to do that without resorting to command lines and scripts? I currently have log-file-log-level set to Verbose and log-file-log-filter as the following:


But that can’t hold a candle to the beautiful, clean output produced by the compare --full-results command, with it’s very readable + / - / ~ lists and excellent summary.

As far as I know you can’t get the built-in Web UI job log to look like that. To generate the output I can only think of three ways… the two you are trying to avoid (command prompt or scripts), the third is using the “command line” in the web UI.

Hm…is it possible in the command-line settings in the web UI to issue a compare as part of the backup job, and then include the --full-results output to the backup job’s log file?

Sorry, I don’t believe that is possible but I could be wrong. You could use a post-backup script that extracts the results and sends a separate email (using some command line utility).

It’d be a nice option to have in a future version of Duplicati, though.

Blat - Windows Command Line SMTP Mailer would be an example, but there are others around.

run-script-example.bat (also on your system) is an example of the sort of things scripting can do.
Putting arbitrary data in logs is not particularly supported AFAIK, but ugly workaround may exist:

Where does script output go to (difference between BEFORE and AFTER?)

stderr is captured in either --run-script-before or --run-script-after but all that it does is include the output in Duplicati’s own logging mechanism.

Output from run scripts gets into how to redirect output on Windows (a topic I’m not expert on…).

If you manage to shove output lines into the logging system, there may still be length limit issues.