Backup Jobs not running with Duplicati Service

Hello Guys

We are using Duplicati on a couple of Windows Server 2019, installed as a service. Since rebooting the Servers, the Backup Jobs are not running unless a user is logged in / even an inactive session. The Service is running and set to automatic. Any Ideas what could cause this issue?

Sounds like you’re still using the user mode instance of Duplicati. That’s what launches at login, unless you removed the shortcut from startup. The service mode instance and one or more user mode instances can all run at the same time (on different ports).

Log in to the server and open a web browser to localhost:8200 and then localhost:8300. I’m guessing you’ll see Duplicati running at both locations.

Yes, its running on both Ports. So if i only want to run it with the service i have to set it up on Port 8200?

Well, the key in your case is to only run the service instance and not start a new instance at logon. What port number each instance uses depends on the order they start up. First gets 8200, second gets 8300, and so on.

Presumably the service one would normally start first, so it probably is the one at 8200. Did you see any backup jobs configured there? Or were they all in the 8300 one? If they were only in the 8300 one you may need to go through some effort of migrating your backup job(s) to the service instance. After you do that, you’ll want to stop running the user instance, so remove Duplicati from the startup folder.

If you manually upgrade in the future by downloading new MSI file, you’ll want to stop the Duplicati service, run the update, and uncheck the option to put a new shortcut in Startup, AND uncheck the option to start Duplicati at the end of install. After install is complete, manually start the service again.

If you still want the tray icon when you log in, you can run

Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe --no-hosted-server

and it will connect to the service instance.

thanks, now i understand how this works. Was definitly a configuration issue.