Backup is no more than 50kbps sending

Good Morning
This with a very intriguing case, my backup does not exceed 50kbps I have already tested two versions of duplicati imagining that this is the problem.
This backup is being performed at blackbazze.
I have another backup solution called cloudberry saving on blackbazze, this is very fast.
My internet link is great.
What could this problem be?

I believe this is because B2 has a limit on each connection, and Duplicati uses only one thread so it is limited to the value set by Backblaze
Using rclone, I was able to send files to B2 with 24 threads which saturated my upload link, and I think this is what cloudberry is doing.
I recall having seen a feature request for parallel upload to be implemented in Duplicati, but I can’t remember where.