Backup hard disk device

Hi all,

I’ve been using Duplicati to do some basic backups, and it works well. Mostly Linux based, but thats all I need.

I have a requirement to backup an actual hard disk attached to a linux machine (ie: /dev/vdb, /dev/sdb, /dev/db, /dev/xvdb, etc.). No, it’s not mounted, simply attached. Normally I’d simply do a “dd if=/dev/vdb …” and do what I need with it, however, it would be convenient to do period backups, maintaining some level of “diff”…

I setup a duplicati backup, and told it to backup /dev/vdb, which is naturally a raw block device. Of course nothing is backed up, and no errors…

Is there anyway to backup a block device with Dulicati?



@Warren_Welch to copy byte by byte?
I think it would be a good function :+1: