Backup fails from linux to server using SSH

Hello, I am trying to use Duplicati to backup my linux home directory to my VPS. The connection works- Duplicati is able to access it. But nothing is actually backed up. There are some 30Gb of local files, and after the backup there are three aes encrypted files on the VPS of only a few Kb each.

In fact I don’t want to backup my entire home directory, but just one or two folders in it; but when I give, say “/home/amca01/ThisFolder” in “add a path directly” for Source Data, I’m told that “The path does not appear to exist”. Well, it most certainly does, so clearly I’m doing something very wrong - or misunderstanding how Duplicati is meant to operate.

Can anybody point me in the direction for troubleshooting? I do like the look and feel of Duplicati, but maybe I should be using something more basic, such as rsync. Thank you!

Hello amca01 and welcome to the forums.

Are you using the GUI to create the job or is this being done via CLI?

Also is Duplicati running as “amca01” or another user?

Dear JimboJones,

Thank you for replying to my query! I’m using the GUI (for me, that’s the whole point, I could just set up my own backup strategy with rysnc and cron otherwise). But maybe the version I’m using (Arch Linux) is not fully working in some way. At any rate, there are the two problems of not being able to choose a specific folder, and then not getting any material backed up. And yes, I’m using it as myself.

As I say, Duplicati can indeed reach the server and write to it, so there isn’t a problem with transmission or permissions. It must be something at my (local) end.

I’m happy to do some ferreting about if I can be given some advice as to what to look for!

Thank you again,

PS: don’t get turned into “sloppy Jimbos”! (Season 6, Ep. 6 - one of my favorites.)

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Sounds like your issue may be related to Arch, check out this thread on the subject.