Backup different directories on different schedules

Hello! As way of introduction, I worked at Code42 for years, and this project is the closest I’ve found to cross-platform CP features… providing feature parity and beyond, especially for home users needing to migrate off discontinued CP. I am using Duplicati + B2 to migrate off. VERY grateful for this project. Great job.

Now for my question – I searched forums and couldn’t find… maybe using wrong keywords:

Question: What is the most efficient way to backup different directories on different schedules? For example i want to backup majority of directories daily, but some hourly. Do I need to create a different backup config and backup destination for each schedule? Or can I re-use the same database and destination for all? I’m thinking in terms of ease of manageability, deduplication and restore.

In Crashplan there is a notion of a “backup set” where you can backup different directories on different schedules… but its all stored in the same archive/config really (if that is a helpful example).

Thanks and please advise,

Yes, it’s best to include the files in each their backup set. That way you get full control of both frequency and retention period.

It also has the added benefit of making them independent from the other file, giving better performance by not having to check less important and rarely changing files every day.