Backup Configuration Deleted

Due to a change to my system, I deleted a folder that had a backup configuration associated with it. When I logged into duplicati to update the configuration to point to the new folder, the configuration was completely gone. It appears that it was deleted “along with” the source folder.

Is this the expected behavior? I know that the backups themselves are still at their destination, but it was a bit “alarming,” and also annoying as I will have to reproduce the configuration “from scratch.”

I don’t expect to be in this position again, but I elected to post this thread as I’m keen to learn if events actually transpired as I think, if this is the desired behavior by some, and if perhaps I should frame my complaint as a feature request. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome!

By default the backup job configurations are stored in %LocalAppData%\Duplicati on Windows and ~/.config/Duplicati on non-Windows platforms, but the location could have been changed with custom configuration settings.

I personally keep exports of my job configurations and store them in a safe place. Makes it much easier if I ever need to restore a lost backup job config.

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like @drwtsn32 i keep backups of my config files (in 3 locations…maybe overboard). every time i update the backup job i refresh the, password protected, archive. it has just become habit but i wouldn’t rely on the local files for restore.

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