Backup "completes" in 1 second?

Hi! New Duplicati user here…seems like a GREAT tool!!

It’s acting strangely for me, though.

I got everything setup…what I want to back up (just my C drive, mostly) and where I want it to go (a network share…tested the connection, everything looks good) and I click save. Everything looks great!

Well, when I click “Run Now”, it instantly “finishes”. It says the run time was 1 second.


Has anyone else had this happen? No earthly idea what I’m missing…

Thank you!!

Hello and welcome!

According to the screen shot, it’s not finding any files to back up. Can you confirm your source selections?

Hmm…that’s weird. Here’s what I have selected.

Do you have any filters defined?

I do not.

Strange. And you get no warnings after you run the backup?

Please check the log for this backup. Click on your backup in the web UI to expand options, then click the “Show log” link. Click on the most recent log entry to expand it, and show a screen shot here if you can. Also maybe scroll down to the complete log and copy/paste it here.

Unless it varies (which is possible. @drwtsn32 knows this area), shouldn’t no filters look like:


Maybe you could use the three-dot menu and Edit as text to see if anything is hidden there.
Commandline showing an exclude (or include) would be a slightly friendlier view of anything.

Interesting, I wonder if that blank exclusion is what’s causing everything to be excluded.

Hmm…interesting. Let me see if I can take that out and give that a shot. Will let you all know what happens.


Hahaha…I got rid of that blank exclusion box and now…


Chugging right along. Who woulda thought!?! Hahaha

Oh well. Thanks, everyone!!

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There should technically have been no need to remove it since its empty. Just something missed in validation from Duplicati.

With a regex, technically the match is valid if the substring is blank. And maybe the same is true for non-regex. So Duplicati was doing as it was told!

I agree though - checking against blanks should be a validation/sanity check. Programmatically it should ignore such filters.

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Ya know…I’ve still had almost nothing but problems with this program. Once I got the last issue fixed, it seemed like it was working, but now, it just says “starting backup” all the time…

…and, if I click cancel, it just says “stopping after current file” or something. Forever.

Is there a log or something where I can go in and see what it’s actually doing? I clicked “show log” under reporting and it doesn’t show anything since March.


Go to About → Show Log → Live, and set the dropdown to verbose. The log lines at the top are the most recent. What do you see when it seems hung at “Starting backup”?

It’s showing this:

…those IPs it’s failing to get to, the bottom one is DigitalOcean, the top one is Aruba…no idea why it is trying to connect to those…

Likely the autoupdater checking for updates:

Server:  UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:

Server:  UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:

Does it work if you cd C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2 and run Duplicati.Library.AutoUpdater check?
I’m not sure why you would be having a connectivity problem. There are no other reports on it coming in.
Do you have a very simple network, or is there something that might be interfering with the connections?