Backup canceled, full rehash?


I’m on and canceled a backup in progress today while it was backing up. Before doing so, the backup job ran every night picking up small changes in the ca. 800 GByte large backup set. This took approximately 3 to 5 minutes.

After adding 5 GByte to the source and manually launching the job, I cancelled it at 20% complete.

Now, my source size is no longer reporting around 800 GByte, but something much smaller.


I ran the job again in order to get it complete and it’s now running for a longer time. The source OS reports a read rate around 100 MB/sec. and a write rate (to the target disk) at some KB/sec. I suspect therefore it’s just hashing unchanged files and (re)adding them to the source from Duplicati’s database perspective. In fact, the files are still at the source and in the same place like they’ve always been before.


Is this a bug or normality it isn’t able to skip “already backup’ed” files after a user cancellation?

Thank you for the great piece of software.

Kind regards

I’m thinking it will have to reprocess the files it now considers “new” – the files that made up the 600 GB that were not part of the total when you had an interrupted backup.

The backup job will take a bit longer, but ultimately Duplicati will not need to upload many dblocks as the file contents have not changed. I would let it finish.