Hi everyone,

I’ve been using duplicati for quite a long time without issues. Recently, I’m getting the attached warning even if the backup task gets completed successfully. I’ve tried to repair the database and I’m still getting the same error.
Please note that the source data are located on the same PC that hosts the duplicati installation and are backed up in a NAS drive within the same subnet
Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks a lot,

Looks like the web UI isn’t loading properly. Do you have anything that might be blocking javascript or other elements? Try disabling adblocker, etc., temporarily to see if it makes a difference. Or try doing a hard refresh in your browser (in Chrome on Windows it’s Ctrl+F5).

Once you get the web UI loading properly, you can check About → Show Log → Live → and set the dropdown to Warning. It should show you the problem there.

Hi drwtsn32,

I have installed the latest version of Firefox and the issue seems to be resolved.
As for the error, it is related with the automatic updating of the application. I have limited bandwidth so I have blocked most of the outgoing traffic.
If I install on top of the existing application the new version, is it going to delete the existing configuration?


As far as I know there still isn’t a way to disable the auto update checker. Note that it won’t download new versions automatically, it just notifies you when new versions are released.

You may want to disable Anonymous Usage Reports (on the main settings page) if you’re trying to restrict outbound connections.

Nope, that’s how I upgrade all of my systems. I manually download the package and install.