Backing up to Azure Blob

Hi All,

I have been experimenting with using Azure blob storage as a destination for about 15tb of backups.

What I am trying to understand is whether there is an opportunity to organize various backup jobs under a folder structure within a single blob. It appears to me that folder structure is not supported. Also if I try and create and point multiple backup jobs to the same blob container I receive errors saying that remote files detected do not exist in local database.

I was trying to avoid creating multiple blob containers under a single storage account, one for each different backup job - if possible.

Any guidance on what I might be missing here would be appreciated.

Thanks all.

Yes, you don’t want to point more than one backup job to the exact same location.

If you don’t want to create separate containers within the blob storage account, you should be able to use subfolders in a single container to organize your backups. For example try entering something like “containername/computer1backup1” in the Container name field. Use a different subfolder name for each backup job.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I may be doing something wrong or require additional ‘advanced’ configuration elsewhere, but I had in fact specified a pre-created folder like you had indicated in the same format. I also tried without having a pre-configured folder to allow Duplicati to create it on its own.

I am relatively new so I could be missing something, but I did not see it mentioned in the docs on how to specify multiple file paths in the same container.

Any additional guidance or thoughts?

Ok so it didn’t work? Let me do some testing and I’ll get back to you.

You’re right - it doesn’t work. Adding a “/foldername” to the end of the container name doesn’t do anything - Duplicati still places it in the root of the container.

I think folders in containers should definitely be supported, but for now it’s not doable on Azure. You’ll have to set up separate containers within the blob storage account. Duplicati can create the container for you. When you are setting up the backup job and test the connection, it will tell you the folder (container) doesn’t exist and prompt if you want it created. I tested that part and it works.