Backing up to a hard drive that is not always connected?

Hello, I’ve just discovered Duplicati and am testing it out as a way to backup my laptop to an external USB hard drive.

I have set up a backup to run once a day, but I have noticed that if the drive is not connected to my laptop at the scheduled time, Duplicati gives an error (“The folder /my-drive does not exist”). This makes sense of course, but I was expecting Duplicati to then run any missed backups once the hard drive is connected, which it seems not to do.

Is there any way to setup Duplicati to behave in this way?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello and welcome!

Yes, this is doable. It has been discussed in a few other threads. Here’s the first I found with a quick search: How to only write to external USB drive on Linux when it's attached?

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