Backing up over a LAN, laptop to server, all Ubuntu


I want to run a Duplicati backup from my Ubuntu laptop to my Ubuntu media server. It seems difficult, which makes me think I am missing something, because Dupicati otherwise looks very smooth and easy (thank you).

I have created a folder on the media server and shared it. On my laptop, I can see the folder and read/write with it. It shows as smb://mediaserver/backups.

In the browser GUI for Duplicati, I’m not sure if I should set as the “Storage Type” that it is a local file/folder or use something like SSH. If I select local, then nothing shows up as the share on the server, but if I select SSH, then it doesn’t seem easy to put the smb:// address in.

I’m sure it must be a straightforward task to do this local backup over my LAN. It was certainly easy to make a backup to an attached USB hard drive. After this, my next task is to backup to Amazon S3. But I’m a bit stuck at this LAN backup. Can anyone help? Thanks.

How does Duplicati access network shares?

Duplicati doesn’t support SMB, at least not natively. You’ll need to either map the SMB share to the file system or install SFTP or FTP on your Ubuntu media server and select that as the destination.


@Kalico … you can find more info on how to mount SMB to the file system on the following link:


Thanks for the clarity. I don’t think I can do a ‘Map’ in Ubuntu, like is possible in Windows. And I want to keep as far away from Windows as possible, after it has started blue-screening on me. Ubuntu seems much more stable.

I think the SFTP route is better. Do you have any recommended resources for an idtiots guide on how to do that?



The Linux equivalent of a Windows “map” is a drive mount, which you should definitely be able to do in Ubuntu.

I don’t have experience setting up an SFTP server in Ubuntu but I’m sure somebody else here does (perhaps @Pectojin?). Be sure to let us know when you get your setup working and maybe we can set up to #howto guide for SFTP on Linux similar to the one we’ve got for Windows. :slight_smile:


SSHFS is a great option for dealing with SFTP mounts.

Test it out with the command and then configure it in /etc/fstab once you got it working.

From there you can just lean back and pretend it’s not a network share :slight_smile: