Backed up to wrong folder - how to rectify?

I recently created a backup to Google Drive for the first time. The manual says:

Always create a new remote folder for each backup job that you set up.

So I created a new folder “PaulBackup2021” in Google Drive, pasted the link into the “path on server” box and then clicked on “AuthID”.

The backup completed successfully. Thank you to those who have created this very useful piece of software. :clap: :clap: :clap:

But it is in a subfolder “PaulBackup2021” of a subfolder “:” of a folder called “googledrive”:

So far everything continues to work correctly; I can add new backups and restore from the directory. However, having a path with a subfolder called “:” is obviously a ticking timebomb.

I would like to rectify this in two senses.

Firstly, I would like to move the backup to a more sensible place. It seems that if I just copy the backup to another folder and edit the same part of my Duplicati “Home” list to point to it, then everything should just re-connect, right?

Secondly, I hope other users will not have this experience.

Further experiments suggest that the correct thing to do would have been to click on “AuthID” first, to establish the link with the Google account, and then edit the “path to server” box afterwards.

Is that correct or did I go wrong somewhere else? If it’s correct, I might open a GitHub issue suggesting that the UI is changed, so that “AuthID” is above “path to server”.

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How did you do that? Google Drive uses unusual security where Duplicati can’t usually see folders that it didn’t create. One good plan is to go down the GUI list, fill in the path you want, set up the AuthID, use the Test connection button, read the note about the missing folder, and let it create that. You’re then all set.

You pasted a URL? This can just be a simple name, not even using slashes if you only need a subfolder directly in the Google Drive root. If you need it deeper, use forward slashes to separate path components.

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