Automatic Retry backup if %Parsedresult% = Error

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I did not find an option for this, but since I´ve been getting sporadical Forbidden erros from Google´s side, I think this will be a much appreciated feature.

Have a flag for Duplicati to retry backup in xx minutes if %parsedresult%= error

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I don’t think there is one, but you could probably build this with scripting if you really want to have it.
The run-script-example scripts in the Duplicati installation document. Or look at this online version:

run-script-after can look at the parsed result, and make a note in a file for run-script-before to consider.
If too close to prior good backup, don’t run this one. Scheduler runs at your retry interval, but not all run.

A similar result can possibly be obtained by backing up often, then thinning down using retention policy.

Are you getting 403 Forbidden errors at a heavy rate? Are you exceeding the 750 GB daily upload limit?
number-of-retries and retry-delay will cover an occasional error (which I’ve also had Google throw me).

Duplicati hasn’t yet solved all the issues that might occur when you run out of retries, so beware of that.

Thank you for that.
I have been getting a lot of 403 Forbidden. Enough to worry about, and it´s no the 750gb limit, because if I just try again once or twice, it works.