Auto Compact settings being ignored?

Now that Sia 1.3.1 is out, I really want to test it out and see if it stalls and breaks less often. Part of this is, I’ve created a backup set with ~10 50MB dblock chunks, successfully uploaded.

Now I want to increase my volume size to ~300mb and force compact them all (efficiency be damned - i’m doing this as a stress test). I’ve raised my volume size, set my “small file max count” to 2, my “small file size” to 2MB, and clicking “compact now” – only to be greeted with the message “compacting not required”.

I’ve tried 5 or 10 times now, tweaking the settings a bit each time to make sure that the current backup fileset definitely trips the compacting requirements - but it refuses to perform manual compacting. The logs don’t seem to tell me anything very useful with respect to why.

Any suggestions? I might just be missing something stupid.

Ummm, yeah - it sounds like you’re trying the method I suggested when I missed something stupid. :blush:

Perhaps @enviouselitist’s suggestion of using the RecovoryTool’s recompress option would work better for you:

Except, I’m not really trying to recompress - I just want to have Duplicati do its routine Compact operation, which i’ve seen in action before in my B2 backups when I upped the volume size by 4x. (Edit: This is mainly to test out how robustly the new version of Sia now handles upload and download, which previously was a bit halting.)

Argh. I totally didn’t catch that.

I’m not sure why it didn’t trigger a compacting. Perhaps you need at least one backup (however small) with the new settings?

I did the same couple of days ago (not on sia). Changed size from 50 to 300mb iirc. Next backup did download and upload again with correct sizes… running the last-but-one cannary.

Weirdly, I did also try adding an extra folder to the backup job (a few hundred MB more) and allowing that backup job to complete - but i’m still getting “compacting not required” when I try it :cold_sweat:

This may be a dumb question, but you don’t happen to have --no-auto-compact=true left over from previous Sia testing, do you?

You might also try purging a single file as that “should” trigger a compact (at least according to the docs…

The purge process creates new filesets on the remote destination with the purged files removed, and will start the compacting process after a purge.

Did you try running compact explicitly? I believe that is what I did.

I had that option set (intentionally) at first, then tried manually compacting (only to get the result i described initially), then removed the --no-auto-compact flag and tried running a normal backup (still no compacting), and have tried several more times in several different permutations of the above configuration(s), and in no cases will it go ahead and compact, not even after adding new stuff to the backup job.

I can try that next, it’ll be interesting to see if that finally causes it to do something different.

Most of my tries have been the explicit compact command - where the only result is the “compacting not required” feedback.